Essential KW Facebook Groups: Agents, Teams, Techs, Trainers, Staff and Leadership

This is an unofficial directory of Facebook Groups for Keller Williams Realty agents, staff and leadership.

This list is not all inclusive, but represents the majority of the most important, most used Facebook Groups currently available where Keller Williams agents, owners, market center staff and leadership users can post questions, provide support and find information about Keller Williams Realty technology, team and business building, KW Intranet, tools, and market center operations and leadership needs.

You are invited to join the groups that best fit your needs and level of participation in the Keller Williams Family. Membership in any of the groups are subject to each Group’s Administrator approval and ALL members should abide by whatever rules are in place for each group.

Please share this page with your Regional Staff, Team Leaders, Techs, Trainers, Coaches, Teams and Agents.

NOTE: Be sure that you are already logged in to Facebook when clicking these links to visit and join.

General KW Technology Agent Groups

The Original KW Placester Mastermind Group (NEW KW Websites) –

eEdge Masterminds

KW myTransactions Masterminds (DotLoop)

DotLoop Users Group

Keller Williams Mobile App

KW HomeKeepr Mobile App Masterminds –

KW Google Apps for Business

KW Tech Tools and Tips

mykw Market Center Intranet User Group (backagent)

Full Version Wordpress For KW Agents Masterminds

What Should I Spend My Money On

MREA Book Masterminds

eAgentC Masterminds


KW Mega Agents, Teams and Team Member Groups

Not So Secret MEGA Agent Masterminds

Executive Assistants Masterminds – KW MEGA Teamsh

Buyer Specialist – KW

Listing Specialist – KW MEGA Teams

KW Showing Assistant Model Success Stories


KW Staff, Techs and Trainers Groups

KW MC Techs

KW eEdge Ambassadors

KW Director of First Impressions

KW Productivity Coaches

KW Marketing Your Market Center for Growth and Sales Volume


KW Leadership Groups (OP, TL, MCA)


KW MCAngels

Keller Williams Realty TL Connecth

KW OP’s and Owners Breaking Barriers

KW Marketing Your Market Center for Growth and Sales Volume


KW Miscellaneous Groups

Keller Williams Carolinas Region

KW Family Reunion

Keller Williams Realty, Inc Events